One of the top questions I receive is how to read construction drawings.  Knowing how to fluently read and therefore understand your plans is the very foundation for success on your building project.  I’ve created a series of 4 free videos on how to read plans, step-by-step.  Both the novice and more experienced will benefit from watching them.

The use of this set of construction drawings for the videos has generously been granted by Chris Keefe of Organicforms Design. If you like his work, please feel free to contact him directly at

I strongly recommend that you print out all of the pages of this set of plans. There are 18 in total, split up into 4 PDFs. Below the PDFs are direct links to each of the 4 tutorials so you can watch the whole series on this page. Please do not use the construction drawings for anything other than this educational video as their use here does not include license for them to be used to actually build the house depicted on the drawings. Thanks for understanding and enjoy the tutorial. By the way, the files referred to in the beginning of the video are simply those included here, so no need to download them again.


Free Plans Bundle 1

Free Plans Bundle 2

Free Plans Bundle 3

Free Plans Bundle 4