This is no small decision. Take your time and ask yourself as many questions as possible.  The best home design in the world won’t make up for a major mistake here.  Even the perfect house is not as good if the land it’s on has no water or is directly under a flight path.  Look from every angle at the land before you act, including from within yourself.

1.     Building Site Approval.  Are you allowed to build on the land?  The County will have the records for this.

2.     Siting.  Is there access to solar gain?

3.     Water. Does the site have adequate access to water?  How deep will you have to drill to access it?  What is the flow rate of the well?  Do you have rights to surface water?

4.     Ventilation. Do you have adequate natural air flow to ventilate and cool the home?

5.     Room to Breathe. Do you have enough space to live the life you want to live?

6.     Proximity. Are you close enough to required resources like food shopping, schools, etc… ?

7.     Proximity. How much driving will you need to do on a weekly basis?  Do you have kids that are involved in sports or other activities now or who might be in the future?  What other activities might keep you in your car more than you want?

8.     Utilities. What is the access to utilities?  What will it cost to bring them in if desired?

9.     Community Services. Is there a fire department near you?  How about an ambulance?  How close you need to be to such services will depend on many things, your health is one of them.

10.  Beauty and Comfort. Does the land feel right in your heart?  You’ll know when it’s right.  This is great, but don’t let that feeling blind you to the realities of the above answers.  It may feel great, but make sure it fits all of your criteria before you jump in.