“Drop it anywhere over there” is something you should never say on your jobsite.  There is always a plan, a place designated  for and ready to accept deliveries. How those deliveries are made and pre-organized will make a huge difference for you in the end.

Tell your suppliers how you want things stacked so that when they are unloaded, they are in the right order for installation.  That’s it.  I just saved you HOURS of work and HUNDREDS of dollars.  Cool huh?

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about.  Imagine you have a framing order arriving late in the afternoon on a Friday.  You want to go home and then the delivery truck pulls up.  Here are the two scenarios.

1.     Scenario #1. The truck was loaded at the yard with no regard to how you would un-stack it on site.  The only consideration that is used to load the truck is what order the piles are in at the lumber yard.  The driver simply pulls forward and on goes the material.  Now you need to unload it.  Unfortunately, when you do so, all of your first floor joists are under a pile of plywood.  That plywood needs to go on top of the installed floor joists.  That means you get to move the whole pile of plywood at least twice!  Once to get it off your joists and another time to install it.  Bummer.  Not to mention that your wall studs are on top of the plywood and so must also be moved before anything productive can happen.  Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you that since you were in the bathroom during the delivery, the driver dropped it in the spot that looked like the best option.  Unfortunately, that was actually your grumpy neighbor’s property.  Guess what you get to do before you leave the jobsite late Friday afternoon.

2.     Scenario #2. You called the yard and worked out a layout for the delivery ahead of time.  You gave them clear instructions on where to drop the load and left a series of signs making it clear in case you were not available for the moment of the drop (remember you were in the bathroom, right?).  The load is dropped exactly where you want it and what’s more, it is in the right order.  You had informed the yard master that the materials would be used for floor joists, floor sheathing and wall framing.  As such, you requested the studs be placed on the bottom of the pile, the plywood in the middle and the floor joists on top.  The load is ready to use, starting with the first floor joist and ending with the last wall stud.  All you have to do is check the delivery for accuracy and you are on your way home early on a Friday night.

You choose.