There are many things to consider when deciding on whether to buy a new place and build, or  to remodel an existing structure you already own.  You are at a crossroads.  Trust that if you stay open to the possibilities,  you will find what you are looking for.

Answer the Following Questions to help guide you on the path before you.

1.     Do you own a house already?  (If no, skip to question 14)

2.     Is the house in good condition?

3.     Are you happy with the size of the kitchen?

4.     Are you happy with the storage available to you?

5.     Is the home single story or multiple stories?

6.     Does the home have a solid foundation?  Is that foundation adequate for a second floor addition?  (Check with your codes to be sure)

7.     Are there spaces in your home that are not well utilized, i.e. wasted space?

8.     Do you have attic space that could be converted into a finished living area?  (Check with your codes to be sure)

9.     Do you have adequate space in your yard for an addition?

10.  Do you have the ability to meet setback requirements if you build an addition?

11.  Will an addition block the sun on any neighbor’s property?

12.  Will an addition take up all the green space on your property?

13.  Are you happy with the architectural style of your home?

14.  Do you want to have more land than where you are now?

15.  Do you want to grow your own food?

16.  Do you want to raise animals such as chickens and livestock (cows, pigs, etc…)?

17.  Do you want to have a pond on your property?

18.  Do you want to raise crops of value on your land  (vineyard, orchard, etc…)?

19.  Do you like having neighbors nearby?

20.  Do you like privacy from neighbors?

21.  Do you want to live in a community where decisions are made together?

22.  Do you want to share housing (co-housing)?

23.  Do you want to have land mates to help with common upkeep?

24.  Do you prefer convenience?  For example the ability to ride your bike or walk to the store.

25.  What are the schools in your area like?  Are they adequate for your current and future needs?

These are just some of the many questions you can ask yourself when trying to decide which path to take.  Do you find that in general you are happy with where you live but that you just need a small adjustment to make it work for your current circumstances?  Maybe a renovation or remodel is the right path for you.  If you feel like you have a great piece of property but need more space in your home, perhaps an addition is in the making.  If you need a lot more space or you simply want to change where you are living, perhaps building from scratch will best serve you.  As you identify the answers to these and other questions, you will start to see clearly what you need to do.