Have a vision of what you want.  Make it a priority in your life.  Take time to help manifest it by giving it energy and support.  Creating a physical example of your vision allows you to literally see your dream every day.

Try this exercise.  Create a goal matrix that supports something you want.  It may take you 30 minute to accomplish the task.  You will need a piece of poster board (4′ wide x 2′ tall) and some colored markers.  Yes, it sounds like elementary school again…isn’t that fun?  This time, you don’t have to worry about puberty!

In the center of the board write down your goal.

Draw lines from the goal to thoughts that come to mind relating to it.  For example, your goal may be to make money.  Things that connect to that could be travel, freedom, adventure, play, and so on.  Write down all of the things that are tied to the vision of your goal.  Put both the positive and negative thoughts on the page.

Move out a little further and add lines and thoughts to each of these inner circle thoughts.  Continue to move out until the page is as full as you want it to be.  You will now have a chart of your thoughts and how they inspire or prevent you from reaching your vision.

Now go back and use the colored markers to circle themes in the matrix.  For example, several of your thoughts may fall under the theme of freedom.  Others may fall under the theme of fear.  Use colors to circle each and make a key at the bottom so you know what’s what.

Step back and look.  Do you have more fear colored circles, or freedom?  What is the biggest obstacle to you realizing your dream?  You can learn a lot from a matrix about how you set yourself up to fail and/or how you are poised to succeed.

Hang the matrix somewhere obvious.  Put it in your bedroom, office, or bathroom.  Put it somewhere that you will see it every day.  Stay focused on achieving your goal.  Remember that what you want and what you feel, everyday, are what you have the ability to manifest into reality.